Mass Spectrometer repairs, service, spares, accessories.

Important announcement: From June 1st 2007 we are merging our business into a new venture, Kinesis RSS Ltd, formed from a partnership with Research Scientific Services Inc, and Kinesis Solutions Ltd. This will increase our service range to include Sciex Mass Spectrometers and all types of HPLC and GC equipment.

Please go to our new website to see what we can do for you.


Mass Spectrometry Solutions.

European Service and Support Agent for

IonSpec Corporation FTMS Mass Spectrometers.

Service and Repair of VG / Micromass / GVI Mass Spectrometers.

European representatives for Research Scientific Services inc.

Proprietor Dr Jim Speakman, Ph.D. e-mail

Fax: +44 (0)1477 532541

Tel: +44 (0)1477 532540

Mobile: +44 (0)7767 343278

19 Lawrence Close, Cranage, Cheshire. CW4 8FA United kingdom.

We are a small independent company based in Cranage, South Cheshire, UK, near to the town of Holmes Chapel. It is an ideal location for getting to any part of the British Isles and indeed anywhere in the world, being close to major rail, air and road networks. We have over 20 years experience in the service and repair of Mass Spectrometers and our reputation is known worldwide.

We specialise in maintenance and repair of:-

12-250 series instruments. (12-250, 15-250, 20-250, 30-250, 12-250T, Trio-3)

Trio-2, Trio-2A, and Trio-2000.

All Quattro series instruments.

Platform 1, Platform 2, Platform LC, ZMD, ZQ

Platform ICP. Isoprobe. PT2

All QTof series instruments.

We can also supply spare parts for all the above instruments, and more. Just ask us!

Please ask us for a quote for all your service requirements. No job considered too small, no distance too far.

We are closely associated with Hall Analytical Ltd., please visit their  web site at

Problems getting good service in Hong Kong?. We make regular trips to Hong Kong, where our customers appreciate the level of service we can give, compared with the local offering. If you are based in Hong Kong and would like us to visit you during our next trip, contact David Bell at Come to the real experts!

Sick of board changers and source cleaners? We'll send someone who understands the system and what you are saying. Our engineers are all well experienced in dealing with any problem.

Problems getting filaments, source heaters, ceramics? We can get most of these things very quickly. Ask us for a quote.

Sales agent for DeTech and SS Scientific products in the North of England.

We also represent Research Scientific Services in Europe.

This site is regularly updated, please visit us again in the future.

Last updated 14th September 2007.

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