Jim Speakman PhD.

Jim Speakman has been involved with VG/Micromass mass spectrometers for over 25 years. After becoming a Graduate of the Royal Institute of Chemistry (now RSC) in 1974, he undertook an MSc in instrumentation in chemistry, and afterwards studied for a PhD in Surface Science with Prof GD Parfitt of Brunel University, using, among other things, a VG Micromass 6. After a brief spell working for Laporte Industries in their catalyst division, he joined UMIST as a post doc, under the BP EMRA scheme, investigating "Shape Selective Catalysts". There, he was to meet up with the legendary Micky Barber and his coworkers Don Sedwick, Bob Bordoli and Andy Tyler. Whilst not being directly involved with Micky in those days, he did, however, do some work with John Vickerman, on Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry for surface analysis. In December 1982, he joined VG Analytical as an engineer. At VG he soon became heavily involved with the then revolutionary tandem mass spectrometer, the VG 70-70EQ. When a new company dedicated to quadrupole instruments was formed, he joined VG Masslab as one of the founding team. He helped to develop a whole string of instruments, the 12-250, Trio-1, Trio-2, Trio-3, then the Quattro series of triple quadrupoles, and the Platform series of ESI/GC/FAB instruments. He held many senior appointments within VG Masslab, and VG Biotech during this time. In 1997 he rejoined VG Analytical (soon to become Micromass UK Ltd) to work with Patrick Turner on a new Isotope Ratio instrument using a hexapole transfer lens to reduce ion energy spread, which led to the granting of several patents for the use of multipoles in ICP Mass Spectrometers (see links below). From there he went on to develop the Platform ICP elemental mass spectrometer, the first of its kind to use collision cells to eliminate interferences from argon species. He then went on to hold a senior position in the Customer Service department in their world-wide support team. Following Waters' sale of the Inorganic Division to GV Instruments, in April 2003, Jim Speakman left Micromass and formed his own company "Mass Spectrometry Solutions", dedicated to service and repair of all types of mass spectrometers and related equipment. He has recently been appointed European Service Agent for IonSpec, a California based company specialising in Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron instruments. Jim Speakman lives in the village of Cranage, South Cheshire, with his wife, Susan, and two sons, David and Matthew.

Patent Numbers of patents granted: US6707032, US6545270, US6222185, CA2349742, EP1246225, GB2367422, AU713008, CA2206667, JP10188879, AU2370297, EP0812228.

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